Press Release | Bliss Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas Takes White Weddings GREEN

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Bliss Wedding Chapel with Mercedes EV


Bliss Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas Takes White Weddings GREEN

LAS VEGAS (December 2023): In characteristic boldness, Bliss Wedding Chapel is set to become the only wedding venue on or off the Las Vegas Strip to replace their stretch limousines to offer a green fleet of luxury sedans, elevating the traditional wedding experience into a new era of eco-luxury.

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Until now, couples have been chauffeured in inefficient, mechanically unreliable limousines. “The wedding industry here in Las Vegas has ignored significant improvements regarding the transportation component of our business, not to mention the environment,” states Brandon Reed, owner of Bliss Wedding Chapel. “We’re changing that. We understand that while couples want to get to the chapel on time with the AC working and in style, it’s also hard to find a bride who’s eager to take a Prius down the Strip on her big day.”

Manufacturers are not building limousines with reliability and the environment in mind.  In fact, the Big Three car makers are no longer producing the popular sedans traditionally customized into limousines, such as Lincoln’s Continental and MKS models, Cadillac’s CT series, and Chrysler’s 300.  

So, what’s left to stretch?

Bliss Wedding Chapel is pioneering a shift to luxurious, climate-resilient Mercedes Benz-EQS 450 electric sedans. These state-of-the-art vehicles ensure a lavish yet environmentally responsible experience, perfect for Nevada’s extreme desert climate.

Eco-Friendly Elegance: A New Chapter in Luxury Weddings

  • Green Commitment: Bliss’s initiative extends beyond transportation. As the newest stand-alone wedding chapel on the Las Vegas Strip in over 30 years, the newest technologies in construction could be fully implemented. Repurposed materials were used and innovations to foster more efficient heating and cooling processes were put into place. Automated water conservation, a desert must, was thought of from the beginning.  Everything from scheduling to recycling practices has been implemented to attempt to make a difference, while maintaining a first class wedding venue experience.
  • Environmental Impact: The electric fleet will significantly reduce emissions, contributing to cleaner air in the Las Vegas valley.

Resilience in Adversity: A Pandemic Success Story

Opening in October 2020, amid a global pandemic, Bliss Wedding Chapel quickly adapted to changing circumstances. “It was a crazy time to start a new venture,” Reed recalls. But the demand for weddings skyrocketed due to venue closures and space restrictions. “To open one of the biggest wedding chapels on the Strip, when we did, and have enough space inside for couples and their guests to gather safely, was a silver lining to many, in a very dark cloud.” Reed says. 

A Vision for the Future

The success of Bliss is credited to a group of forward-thinking people, ‘The Blissmakers’, a team of sixteen professionals with over two decades of experience in the Vegas wedding industry. “They’re our most valued asset and the reason why Bliss is the highest rated chapel on the Las Vegas Strip in over 30 years.” says Reed.

Bliss Wedding Chapel is not just another chapel on the Strip, but a pioneer hoping to inspire the industry towards a more sustainable, elegant, and memorable wedding experience.  Visit



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Address:  827 S Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

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